Liftoff! Hot Air Balloons

The Balloon-A-Fair is held annually in Ravenna, Ohio.  This was actually the first time in a long time that I was able to attend.  There is a parade & festivities, entertainment, concession stands, carnival rides, games, and much more.  On Saturday and Sunday evenings, there is a hot air balloon launch.   I’ve never been to this and though it would be an excellent chance to get some really awesome pics.

My husband was scheduled to ride in one of the hot air balloons.  With my feet on the ground & his in the air we were bound to get some great pics.  The balloon he was going to ride is was the sun and moon balloon below.

Unfortunately, the pilot ran out of fuel so this was the only balloon that didn’t launch.  But on a brighter note, all the other balloons did launch and here are some of the beautiful hot air balloons.

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