Oh, Baby!

Babies are sweet, soft bundles of joy. I had the honor of photographing a 6 day old baby this past weekend. He slept the whole 2 hours. Mom and baby were wonderful to work with.

Here is one of the pics from the photo shoot. More pics to come. Stay tuned!


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Flower Photo Shoot

Yesterday, I bought a fall bouquet at a local flower shop.  To my surprise, there were pink alstroemeria flowers in the bouquet!  I guess I always thought of these flowers as more of a Spring flower, but they did compliment the bouquet nicely.  I got my camera & tripod ready and outside I went!

I decided to use only in-camera settings.  This first one is shot in tungsten white balance mode.  It casts a bluish hue to the photo.






The next mode I used was daylight as the white balance.  The flower is more it’s normal color.






Finally, this next one is an in-camera filter.  It’s called toy camera.  This setting gives the picture a more dramatic look.






My favorite picture is the toy camera.  I really like the dramatic effect.  What is your favorite picture?  All pictures were taken with my Pentax K5 using a Sigma 70-200 f2.8 lens.

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Clarity Cottage

Looking for a great place to shop for ‘Made in the USA’ items?  My sister, Clarissa Tyson (twitter | FB page), is opening a gift shop called Clarity Cottage in beautiful Volant, Pennsylvania.  She will be selling local handmade items.  The items include:

  • wreaths made of real wrapped grapevines with beautiful decorations
  • painted 200 year old slate (salvaged from an old barn)
  • birdhouses
  • wooden silhouettes
  • hand-poured soy candles
  • home decor
  • pottery and glassware
  • hand-stamped copper jewelry (made by Annie Sarrica | FB page)
  • crocheted scarves
  • pet treats
  • hand carved fossils on rocks
  • art work
  • hand-made soap
  • Hoot’s Nest – which is everything owls!
  • and much more!

I’m very excited about her opening day, which is this Saturday, September 29, 2012.  I wish her all the success with her business!

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The Birdie Shack

The Birdie Shack is a putt-putt golf course and driving range in Kent, Ohio.  This past Saturday I was hired to take pictures of a charity event.  The event was sponsored by the Ravenna Elks Club and was to benefit the Center of Hope and Kent Social Services.  I took pictures of the golf teams teeing off.  This was an absolute blast!  People really open their hearts and have fun for charity.  I also spoke with a number of the teams.  Everyone was very passionate about their charity.  Here are a few pictures from the event.  Additional pics will be posted on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PhotographyByJuliePurnellphotocrati gallery

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A Cat Named Lucy

This is my beautiful white cat named Lucy, aka: Lucy Goose.  She was rescued off the road (literally) by my youngest sister and taken to an emergency vet.  She was either hit by a car or thrown out the car window.  I had just lost a very ill cat, so I took Lucy in, after my sister nursed her back to health.

She is such a great pet and loves her picture taken.  I really crack up when I download my pics of her to see how nicely she has posed.  There are no feathers or wands used either.  Here is my latest pic of Lucy.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband @craigpurnell

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My First Photography Job

I’m very excited to say that I was just hired for my first photography shoot this Saturday, Sept. 22.  I will be taking photos of golf teams teeing off at the 2nd annual putt-putt golf benefit held at the Birdie Shack in Kent.  It’s a Charity event sponsored by the Ravenna Elks and benefiting the Center of Hope and Kent Social Services.

I will be posting pictures after the event.  Please stop back soon and check them out! 😉


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Liftoff! Hot Air Balloons

The Balloon-A-Fair is held annually in Ravenna, Ohio.  This was actually the first time in a long time that I was able to attend.  There is a parade & festivities, entertainment, concession stands, carnival rides, games, and much more.  On Saturday and Sunday evenings, there is a hot air balloon launch.   I’ve never been to this and though it would be an excellent chance to get some really awesome pics.

My husband was scheduled to ride in one of the hot air balloons.  With my feet on the ground & his in the air we were bound to get some great pics.  The balloon he was going to ride is was the sun and moon balloon below.

Unfortunately, the pilot ran out of fuel so this was the only balloon that didn’t launch.  But on a brighter note, all the other balloons did launch and here are some of the beautiful hot air balloons.

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Pets are fun to photograph

Funny story about this blog: My original title was Pets are fun to shoot (as in with a camera), then I read it again and thought I’d better change that.  I changed it to Pets are fun to capture (again as in with a camera), then realized there I go again.  So the final title is Pets are fun to photograph. 😉

My 2 cats have turned into hams since I spend a lot of time photographing them.  They used to be scared of the camera, but not anymore!  Here are some pics I have taken over the months:

photocrati gallery

The white cat is Lucy and the tabby is Ally.  I’ve also taken pics of dogs too, but we’ll save that for another post.

Have a great day everyone!

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365 pics later…

Today I have taken picture number 365 for my 365 project.  I am very excited to have completed an entire year of pictures.  This has been a wonderful project for me.  It has taught me patience, creativity, to have fun (which is very easy for me to do), and to stop and really enjoy the roses.  I am much more aware of the beauty of nature and all of God’s creatures.  This project has also taught me how to use almost all of the settings on my camera.

For comparison, here was my original picture 1 year ago:








Here is the same tree taken on day 365:








It is a boring tree, but I feel I have progressed throughout this last year.  Thanks to everyone that has viewed my pictures.  I really appreciate all of your support!

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The Lone Seagull

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